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We manufacture soft protection cover against flying stones and dirt for spare headlights in 3 mm Neoprene rubber (diving suit material) for vehicles and boats.

The uniqueness of this product is that we use this protection for the location of a print, a "bearer of the message."

A number of large and small companies and organizations have shown keen interest to promote their brand in this new and very striking way.

We assist with creating and designing logos for companies, associations and businesses. Individuals are also welcome to do their own personal prints.

There are ten standard prints on the cover for all large and medium-sized round spare headlights. These covers are dual. Choose whether the print will be outwards or completely black.

We are not using any protected trademarks or logos without first obtaining approval or enter a agreement with the holder.

For more information on how to order and what we can provide for you, contact us by filling out the form below.

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